Readers ask: How To Get A Horse To Lose Weight?

How quickly can a horse lose weight?

Loosing weight is a process that takes several months, not weeks. It is a fact that a fat horse will increase it’s fitness quickly with one hour of work each day.

How do you put a horse on a diet?


  1. Monitor how much your horse eats. Horses at an ideal body weight usually consume about 2 percent of their body weight in feed (includes hay, grain products and supplements) daily.
  2. Feed mature hay.
  3. Slow down feed intake.
  4. Slow-feed hay nets.
  5. Specially designed grain feeders.
  6. Feed obstacles.
  7. Feeding order.

How do you slim down an easy keeper horse?

A combination of diet and exercise is needed to shed extra weight from the easy keeper. Weight loss can only be accomplished by reducing the number of calories going in and increasing the number of calories expended. One of the best options for weight loss is regular exercise, provided the horse is sound and healthy.

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How can a horse lose weight?

You can lose weight right at the barn just by riding your horse. Try these suggestions:

  1. Standing in the stirrups at the walk or trot.
  2. Riding a pretend bicycle in the saddle.
  3. Holding your legs off the saddle for an extended period.
  4. Sitting the trot.
  5. Riding bareback.
  6. Taking a vaulting lesson.

How many times a week should you lunge your horse?

You shouldn’t lunge five times a week or for longer than 20-30 minutes depending on your horse and their current fitness level, but done correctly, lunging once or twice a week can be a very useful tool in developing fitness. If your horse is out of shape, start out with lots of walk breaks.

Where do horses lose weight first?

Pay close attention to his back, ribs and croup (in that order), as these are the first three areas to lose weight.

How do I know if my horse is too fat?

If you can see pads of fat on your horse’s shoulders, then he’s carrying too much weight. Your horse’s ribs should be easy to feel when you run your hands across them or visible to the eye when you stand back and look at him from the side. If you have to press hard to feel them, then he’s overweight.

How much weight can a horse lose in a week?

The general guideline for MAXIMUM safe weight loss is 3% of an animal’s weight per week, though 1-2% is probably safer to shoot for unless there is an emergency condition where the animal must loose weight quickly. For a 1200lb horse, the max, at 3% would be 36 lbs a week, though 12-24 is a better goal.

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What is a skinny horse?

Skinny horses are the other side of the coin from fat horses. That said, a horse can be a bit thin and still be very healthy. In fact, it’s better for a horse to be a bit thin than it is to be a bit fat – look at racehorses and endurance horses, for example. On the other hand, lots of horses are kept too fat.

Can horses eat hay through a grazing muzzle?

Q: Will my horse be able to eat hay or grain while wearing a Grazing Muzzle? Most horses are not able to eat hay or grain with the muzzle on. If you choose to do this, be sure to introduce your horse slowly to the muzzle, gradually increasing the amount of time in the muzzle.

What horse breeds are easy keepers?

Most pony breeds are easy keepers, and smaller, hardy horse breeds such as the Arabian or Mustang have many representatives with this trait. Many draft horse breeds, such as the Percheron are also easy keepers, as are most mules and donkeys.

What does it mean if a horse is an easy keeper?

Some horses gain weight easily, even under conditions where other horses will lose weight if not fed additional feed. These are commonly called “easy keepers.” They are a joy to own because it takes less feed to keep them in good condition.

What is a beginner horse rider?

Total Beginner – Total beginners have little experience (if any) at all with horses in general. Maybe they used to ride a little as a child, but they may not be able to saddle and bridle a horse by themselves. This rider can mount and walk off unassisted. They know how to ask the horse to move forward, turn and stop.

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Can horseback riding help lose weight?

A study carried out by The British Horse Society in 2011 revealed that riding can expend sufficient energy to be classed as moderate-intensity exercise. An hour’s schooling session or group lesson burns off 360 calories – the equivalent to an hour peddling up to 10mph on a cycle ride.

Is horse riding good for losing weight?

Yes! It is possible. Riding is one of the best forms of full body aerobic activity.

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